HS Track – Results from Archie

The Rich Hill High School Track team traveled north on Tuesday to compete in the Archie Invitational. With nice weather for the month of March, many athletes set new personal best career marks. It’s great to see the kids performing this well so early in the season and the coaches are excited to see continued improvement!

High Jump-5th place Destiny Long 4′ 4″
Triple Jump-2nd place Destiny Long 29′ 3″
Javelin-3rd place Peyton Walton 70′ 0″
Pole Vault-2nd place Dusty Gray 11′ 6″ & 7th place Brady Querry 9′ 6″
Long Jump-1st place Jacob Querry 19′ 0″ & 8th place Jordan Bolser 17″ 1/2″
Discus-2nd place Myles Becker 137′ 1″
110m Hurdles-5th place Jason Courter 18.24
100m-3rd place Aadin Humble 12.04 & 6th place Jacob Querry 12.34
4×200-7th place Dusty Gray, Brady Querry, Jason Courter, Jordan Bolser 1:43.74
4×100-1st place Jordan Bolser, Jacob Querry, Jason Courter, Aadin Humble 45.84
400m-1st place Aadin Humble 55.14
800m-4th place Aadin Humble 2:16.54
200m-2nd place Jacob Querry 24.04championship_otrackfield

Good Showing at District Contest for FFA

Members of Rich Hill FFA competed in district contest yesterday with good results.  Five teams will be moving on to state at the end of April.

“Nursery Landscape” placed 2nd.  Members of this team are Ryan Brown, Daniel Brown, Jason Courter and Taylor Brooks.  Ryan Brown finished 1st overall, Daniel was 13th, Jason 11th and Taylor 17th.

“Horses” finished in 3rd place with member Kinady Fischer placing 2nd overall.  Other members of this team are Vanetta Keller, Jozelynn West Kim Pilcher and Levi Nichols.

The “Meats” team finished in third place as well.  High individual from this team was Jennifer Doty who placed 6th overall.  Other members include Katie Malone (13th individual), Kylann Tourtillott (15th), and Jamison Ogburn (17th).

The “Agronomy” Team finished the day in 4th place.  Member of this team are Taron Mumma (7th), Jacob Querry (10th), Garrett Brooks (15th) and Adam Bridgewater.

The “Entomology” team finished the day in 6th place.  Member of this team are Miranda Petty (6th place), Destiny Long, Brady Querry, and Shayna Jacobs.

The “Dairy Cattle” team received a silver.  Allie Schmitt finished as the #12 individual.  Other members were Rachel Long, Michael Scrivener, and Bailey Miller.

The “Soils” team finished in 13th place.  Member of this team were Jerry Lakey, Alec Gray, Wyatt Hammett, and Blake Kiger.