Talking About Solar Energy

Mrs. Jennifer Wheatley’s classes have been working their way through a unit on electricity this semester.  Today they had a special guest speaker to tell them about solar energy; local businessman Jeff Droz.

Jeff started in the classroom and explained to the students some of the basics of solar energy.  Students had a lot of questions about solar panels.  They were especially curious about how extreme weather conditions affected the panels.  

The group then headed outdoors for the opportunity to see a panel up close and for a quick demonstration.  Jeff hooked a panel up to a light powered by the panel and then asked students to step in front of the panel and block the sun and of course….the light went out.

The students then took a moment to look at the solar panel on the top of his trailer then Jeff demonstrated that the tools in his trailer could be operated using solar power as well.  Thank you Mr. Jeff Droz for taking the time to share your knowledge!

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