District Music Contest

15 high school band and choir students went to District Music Contest in Stockton, MO on Monday, March 6th. All Students did a wonderful job and represented Rich Hill Schools positively.
Mackenzie Wheatley – II Rating
Mary Meyers – II Rating
Hanna McKinley – II Rating
Dakota Ferguson – II Rating
Brittany Mitchell – II Rating
Hannah Arnold – II Rating
Shonasea Cowhick – II Rating
SSA – Krissy Miller, Dezi Fuqua, Hannah Arnold, Sarah Coots, Brittany Mitchell, Taylor Coonce – III Rating
Misc Ensemble – Hannah McCoy, Emily Thornburg, Josie Counterman, Shonasea Cowhick, Kassi Austin – III Rating
Rating Explanation:
1. Exemplary An exemplary performance that consistently demonstrates true musical expression and few technical errors. The performance is worthy of the distinction of being recognized as among the very best.
2. Outstanding An outstanding performance of distinctive quality yet has minor defects in musical expressions and fundamental techniques.
3. Satisfactory A satisfactory performance showing accomplishment and marked promise, but lacking consistency of musical expression and fundamental technique
4. Developing A developing performance indicating room for improvement in consistent musical expression and fundamental technique. Such a performance would include many technical errors, poor musical expression and ineffective use of existing instrumental or choral voicing.
5. Ineffective An ineffective performance indicating obvious lack of overall preparation.
image (1)image (2)image (3)image

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