BYAC Dual Credit Scholarship

Serena Duncan and Brendan Ephland received the Bates County Youth Advocacy (BYAC) dual credit scholarship.  This scholarship will pay 2/3 of the dual credit tuition for students who meet the requirements and is available each semester. Ephland and Duncan have been awarded this scholarship for fall and spring semester of the 2016-17 school year. BYAC has been very supportive of Rich Hill students.


That’s A Lot of Pop Tabs!

2017 Pop Tab Contest Results

Nold 27.12

Gayman 23.9

Breckenridge 12.13

Tourtillott 10.3

Smith 7.4

Bridgewater 7.3

Buesing 7.0

Sturdevant 6.5

Steuck 5.0

Collins 3.2

Ogburn 3.15

Totals:  114.2 pounds!

Mrs. Gayman says to start saving your tabs for next year!   Collections  for the contest will begin on the first day of school.