Early Season Results JH Track

The Junior High Track & Field team started the season on March 27th with a relays meet at Butler. Each Rich Hill athlete that competed in the meet earned a medal! Coaches and athletes alike were excited to start the season with such an accomplishment. Since it was a relays meet, the students were able to compete in each event in one of the following three groups: boys, girls, or coed.
Long Jump 3rd place Destiney Burris, Lakyn Querry, Carlie Wethingotn
Discus 1st place Aiden Baker, Clifton Bridegwater, Joseph Collins
Shot Put 2nd place Aiden Baker, Sydney Bell, Clifton Bridgewater, Alexandrea Ephland
Throwers 4x100m Relay 3rd place Sydney Bell, Aiden Baker, Alexandrea Ephland, Clifton Bridgewater
4x100m Relay 2nd Lakyn Querry, Joseph Gray, Carlie Wethington, Parker Collins
4x200m Relay 3rd Lakyn Querry, Joseph Gray, Destiney Burris, Parker Collins
Middle Distance Medley 2nd place Carlie Wethington (200m), Joseph Gray (200m), Destiney Burris (400m) Bryce Yohe (800m)

In their second week of competition, the Junior High track teams traveled to Drexel. The pole vault and all throwing events were cancelled due to facility conditions after several days of rain.

Boys-3rd Place Overall
Long Jump 1st place Parker Collins 16′ 6″, 2nd place Joseph Gray 15′ 4 1\4″ & 3rd place Clifton Bridgewater 14′ 8″
100m 5th place Clifton Bridgewater 13.83
4x100m Relay 1st place Clifton Bridgewater, Bryce Yohe, Joseph Gray, Parker Collins 54.11
400m 4th place Parker Collins 1:02.09  5th place Joseph Gray 1:02.58
200m 4th place Joseph Gray 27.38
Girls-5th Place Overall
Triple Jump 5th place Katie Tourtillott 20′ 5 1/2″
Long Jump 2nd place Abby Gayman 13′ 1″
75m Hurdles 7th place Alexandrea Ephland 22.76
100m 2nd place Carlie Wethington 14.27 & 4th place Abby Gayman 14.51
4x200m Relay 3rd place Carlie Wethington, Lakyn Querry, Destiney Burris, Katie Tourtillott 2:10.7
4x100m Relay 3rd place Alexandrea Ephland, Destiney Burris, Katie Tourtillott, Abby Gayman 1:02.22
400m 5th place Katie Tourtillott 1:15.76
200m 2nd place Carlie Wethington 30.73


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