Extemporé Success

Students participating in the talented and gifted program took off early on Saturday, May 6th to compete in the state Extemporé competition at Brittany Hills Middle School in Blue Springs.   Extemporé is an academic competition that combines risk-taking, creativity, communication, problem solving and teamwork to solve extemporaneous challenges in a competitive setting.  One hundred twenty-three teams from around the state participated in the competition. This year’s theme was Say Watt?  which focused on the study of electricity.

Mrs. Jennifer Wheatley took 6 teams ranging from 3rd grade up to 8th grade.  At the end of the day two of the teams and one individual accepted 1st place medals in the competition.

The junior high team received 1st place in the division II section of Engineering Feats.

Team members included Bryce Yohe, Miranda Dougherty, Tisha Mackey, Katie Tourtillott, Sydney Bell, and Hannah White 


The 4th grade team received first place in the division I section of perspective.  Dillon Coonce from this group also received 1st place in Thinker’s Hall Mancala.  

Dillon Coonce, Lanie Phelps, Maysi Miller, Morissa Green, and Izzy Swope

Two teams from 3rd grade also competed in division I Perspective.

Morgan Steuck , Kaylee Couzens, Mady Ephland, Chloe Willet, and Cooper Gillis

Nevaeh Jarred, Julianna Abend, Oscar Green, and Joshua Covey


The 5th grade team competed in division I Engineering Feats.

Danny Bledsoe, Rogue Brunbridge, Kyla Couzens, and Trinity Burris


The 6th graders moved up to division II this year and competed in the Fine Tuning Challenge.

Kierlyn Rebmann, Josie Dougherty, and Noelle Abend

Mrs. Wheatley would like to thank the parents, grandparents, aunts and friends who volunteered to assist with making this day possible.  Each team is asked to provide a volunteer to assist with the competition and Mrs. Wheatley also needed volunteers to help with the teams.  Rich Hill could not participate without this help.


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