Thank You from the District

Rich Hill R-IV Patron Appreciation Night will be held this Friday, September 15th when Rich Hill takes on Forsythe at home.  The game begins at 7:00 pm and everyone will be treated to free admission on this evening.


In April 2017, voters in the Rich Hill School District authorized a bond which would roll the district’s lease-purchase into its debt service fund. The lease-purchase had previously paid to finish the FEMA dome’s interior. Initial projections indicated that the bonding timeline would be extended by 2-3 years with the authorization of the bond.

The district’s bonding agent, LJ Hart & Co. now projects only a 1-year
extension on the bond, which is great news for the district’s taxpayers!
The bond also paid for the following improvements to the school district’s
 Concrete the remaining elementary parking lot
 Provide lighting to the elementary parking lot
 Replace the west High School parking lot with concrete
 Replace 7 old HVAC units in the elementary
 Replace refrigeration unit in the kitchen
 Replace windows in the Elementary wing
All of the above projects are now complete and on or under budget!

The Rich Hill R-IV Board of Education, faculty, and staff appreciate the opportunity to serve our students and appreciates the continued support of our patrons!

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