Junior High Football 🏈 

The Rich Hill Junior High football team is struggling with low numbers but were able to take the field for the first time on September 18th with a game against the Osceola Indians.  The boys got a homecoming week win with a final score of 24-12.


On Monday night September 25th the Rich Hill Junior High went on the road with a game against the Drexel Bobcats. The first quarter was not the start that the team was looking to have in the game but at the end of the first quarter Daylen Walton had a nice return for a touchdown return on kickoff from Drexel. On that kick return Blake Laning and Daniel Bridgewater had some big blocks to spring Daylen free for the touchdown. From that point on the Tigers matched Drexel score for score for the rest of the game but just couldn’t close the gap on the scoreboard.  Final score was 62-48.   Coach McAlexander says, “I am proud of how the junior high boys fought back and never gave up on the game.”

Junior high football will take on the Appleton City Bulldogs on the next Monday, October 2nd in Appleton City.  Go Tigers!

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