FCCLA Powder Puff – Upperclassmen for the Win

The annual FCCLA Powder Puff game was held last night. The Juniors and Seniors won the game with a score of 28-18. FCCLA raised $580 to be donated to a local individual and to a charitable organization.  The FCCLA Chapter would like to thank everyone who attended and who helped make the game a success!
IMG-3760IMG-3765 (1)IMG-3765IMG-3766IMG-3767 (1)IMG-3768IMG-3772 (1)IMG-3772IMG-3773
Thank you to –
RHHS Staff:
Administration and Mr. Morgan – Set up
Mr. Moles and Mr. McAlexander – Officiating and clean up
Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Wills, Mrs. Breckenridge, and Junior class – Concessions
Ms. Smith – Gate
Student Volunteers:
All participants and coaches
Dillon Tourtillott – Announcer
Daylen Walton and Daniel Bridgewater – Score clock
Aiden Baker, Adrien King, and Lucas Harwood – Chains

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