Midsummer Night’s Dream

A fine pack of actors from RHHS will be presenting a musical version of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Friday evening at 7:00 pm and again Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm. William Shakespeare (played by Aiden Baker) will ensure that members of the audience keep up with the story as he provides a commentary on the action on stage. Come enjoy an evening of music, love and laughter.

Junior High Honor Band

Six Rich Hill students were chosen to be a part of the West Central Junior High Honor Band. These students were chosen from their band class to perform on January 13th, 2018 at the Sedalia Middle School with all of the other chosen students from around the district. These students have showed talent, determination, respect, honor, and overall musicianship throughout the school year.
From left to right: Noelle Abend, Carlie Wethington, Rand Rebmann, Bella Cowin, Sydney Bell, Noah Smarr.”
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Veteran’s Day Assembly

Seniors Katie Malone, Jamison Ogburn, Nate Kithcart, Kinady Fischer, Jennifer Doty, Cedric Clark, Kylann Tourtillott, and Kim Pilcher served as “Senior Ambassadors” for today’s Veteran’s Day Assembly.

Kylann Tourtilott welcomed the guests to the assembly.



Member of the Rich Hill teaching staff performed the Star Spangled Banner.


Jamison Ogburn

The Rich Hill band played as the choir sang.

The elementary choir sang a melody of songs to honor each branch of the armed services.


When asked about his tie and vest, Chance Poulter said that he wore them because today was a “special day”



Thank you veterans!!

Veterans enjoyed a meal prepared by the Rich Hill staff after the assembly.