From The Desk Of Mr. Gillis

November 27-Dec. 2
Tuesday 28th 
-Gaming Club Mtg. 3:15-5 PM
-WEMO Varsity Basketball (Adrian HS) All Week
  -Boys 6:00 PM
  -Girls 7:30 PM
Wednesday 29th
-CPR Training for Seniors 8 AM-11:30 AM
-Gaming Club Mtg. 3:15-5 PM
Thursday 30th
-JH Girls Only Basketball  5:30 PM (Rich Hill)
December 4-9
Monday 4th
-JH Girls Only Basketball 5:30 PM (Midway)
-5th-6th Grade Band/Music Concert 6:30 PM
Tuesday 5th
-JV/V Basketball 5:30 PM (Rich Hill)
–Gaming Club Mtg. 3:15-5 PM
Wednesday 6th
-Grade Checks for Participation
-Gaming Club Mtg. 3:15-5 PM
Thursday 7th
-Choir Club/French Les Miserables 1 PM-11 PM
Friday 8th
-JV/V Basketball 5:30 PM (Lockwood)
Senior Reminders
-MSBA Scholarship is available in Mrs. Nichols office (Due Dec. 8th)
-FAFSA is online and should be completed
-Counselor Page is up to date with scholarship information
JH/HS Student Reminders
-We begin our new lunch cards tomorrow! (Students will receive during TT)
-End of 4th Quarter (Dec. 22nd)

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