From the Desk of Mr. Gillis

Teachers, Students, and Patrons

I am excited about another great week here at RHHS.  I wanted to keep everyone  informed on the happenings here at school.  If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!!
December 11-16
Monday 11th
-VG/VB Basketball 5:30 PM (Hume)
Tuesday 12th
-EOC Government Exam
-Gaming Club Mtg. 3:15-5 PM
Wednesday 13th
-Gaming Club Mtg. 3:15-5 PM
-Band Visiting Nursing Homes (Butler)
           -11 AM-2 PM
-JVB/VB/VG Basketball 5:00 PM (Lone Jack)
-School Board Mtg. (6:30 PM Library)
Thursday 14th
-Chamber Choir Christmas Caroling (Rich Hill/Nevada)
           -During School Hours
-JH Girls Basketball 5:30 PM (Archie)
Saturday 16th
-JH WEMO Tournament (Rich Hill) TBD
-Band Trombone Christmas (Union Station)
-FFA Barnwarming (Old HS)
          -7 PM-11 PM
          -Crowning 8 PM
December 18-22
Monday 18th  
-PAT/Child Development Class: Story Time With Santa
          -12 PM
-JH WEMO Tournament (Rich Hill) TBD
-VG Basketball 6:00 PM (Lincoln)
Tuesday 19th
-Gaming Club Mtg. 3:15-5 PM
-JH/HS Band/Choir Concert 7 PM (Auditorium)
Wednesday 20th
-Elementary Reward Day, Nevada (Cinema 6)
-Gaming Club Mtg. 3:15-5 PM
-FBLA Christmas Caroling 6-9 PM
JH WEMO Tournament (Rich Hill) TBD
Thursday 21st
-High School Reward Day, Nevada (Cinema 6)
-Junior High FBLA Christmas Party 3-5 PM
-JVB/VB/VG Basketball 5:30 PM (Rich Hill)
          -Opponent Bronaugh
Friday 22nd
-HS STUCO Christmas Assembly, 8:30-11:30 PM (Auditorium)
-Elementary K-4 Music Program, 10 AM (Dome)
-Early Dismissal at 12:14 PM
Senior Reminders
-Senior Pictures, Baby Pictures, and Senior Quotes are due to Mrs. Bruce by Dec. 21st
-FAFSA is online and should be completed
-Counselor Page is up to date with scholarship information
Band/Vocal Music Reminders
-Band Trombone Christmas will leave at 5:30 AM (Trombone Players Only)
High School Rewards Standards
-90% Attendance for 1st Semester go to Cinema 6 in Nevada
-Cost: Free to Student
-Permission slips will be handed out on Tuesday, December 19th during TT.
          -The movie theatre will determine the movie options on Monday, Dec. 18.
Parent Apps/Websites
-School Menus: (Download at Google Play or App Store)
-Lunch Balance: My Chalkable Cafe (Download at Google Play or App Store)
                -Rich Hill District Code C6027
-STI Parent Portal (Grades)
*If you know anyone that would like to receive this email, please have them send their contact infomation to me at [] .  It is a Great Day To Be A Tiger!!!!!!

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