From the Desk of Mr. Gillis

January 10th
-JH Play Rehearsal 3:10 PM
-BOE Meeting 6:30 PM (Library)
January 11th
-JH Play Rehearsal 3:10 PM
-AC Tournament (Bus Leaves at 6 PM)
   -Girls 7:30 PM
   -Boys 9:00 PM
January 12th
-AC Tournament
January 13th
-Science Olympiad B Team Bus Leaves 5:45 AM (Higginsville)
-JH Honor Band Van Leaves 6:00 AM (SBU, Bolivar)
-AC Tournament
January 15th
-School Will Be In Session (Make Up Day)
January 16th
-JH Play Rehearsal 3:10 PM
-JVB/VB/VG Basketball 5:30 PM (Rich Hill)
January 17th
-JH Play Rehearsal 3:10 PM
-Quiz Bowl Van Leaves 3:30 PM
January 18th
-JH Play Rehearsal 3:10 PM
-JVB/VB Basketball 5:30 PM (El Dorado Springs)
January 19th
-JVB/VB/VG Basketball 5:30 PM (Appleton City)
Website Upgrades
-Our new website is up and running.  We are going to continue to improve it weekly.  If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know.
Parent Apps/Websites
-School Menus: (Download at Google Play or App Store)
-Lunch Balance: My Chalkable Cafe (Download at Google Play or App Store)
                -Rich Hill District Code C6027
-STI Parent Portal (Grades)

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