FFA Area Degrees and Proficiencies

Area Degrees

Kylann Tourtillott

Jamison Ogburn

Kinady Fischer

Katie Malone

Jennifer Doty

Star in AgriScience Kylann Tourtillott

1st Katie Malone Agriscience Research-Plant Systems

1st Kimberly Pilcher Agriscience Research-Animal Systems

1st Kylann Tourtillott Specialty crops

1st Jamison Ogburn Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance

1st Alec Gray Forest Management

1st Jennifer Doty Ag Education

1st Wyatt Hammett Wildlife Conservation

1st Vannetta Keller Equine Science Placement

1st Levi Nichols Equine Science Entrepreneurship

1st Cody Bolser Outdoor Recreation

1st Michael Scrivener Grain Production Placement

2nd Allie Schmitt Home and/or Community

2nd Kinady Fischer Agriscience Research-Ingrated Systems

3rd Rachel Long Veterinary Science

3rd Jerry Lakey Ag Mechanics Fabric

4th Jozlynn West Food Service

Nate Kithcart Beef Production Placement

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