Future Thespians

Members of the Rich Hill junior high augmented by a few elementary student performed “The Enchanted Bookshop” this past Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  This is the second year that Mr. Abend and Mrs. Wheatley has facilitated time on the stage for this age group.

Many thanks to all who came and enjoyed the performance.  The future of the theater is bright for RHHS.


6th Graders Rogue Brunbridge, Kyla Couzens, and Daylen Black


Lydia Fox – Playing “mother” and her son “Timmy” played by Daylen Black

IMG_8393 (1)

Bookshop owner “Margie” played by Katie Tourtillott and her cat “Bombalurina” played by Salem Bolser


Thieves “Fingers” played by Alexandrea Ephland, “Eddie” played by Carly Wethington and “Office Ketchum” played by Levi George


Book characters – “Tom Sawyer” / Daylen Black, Wicked Witch / LeeAnna Bell, Fagin, Frankenstein and Dr. Doolittle / Bella Cowin, Pollyanna / Hannah White, “Heidi” / Tisha Mackey, “Toto” / Clare Klinksick, “Hopalong” / Carter Bell, “Dorothy” / Sydney Bell, “Lady in Red” and “Queen of Hearts” / Noelle Abend, “Robin Hood” / Kyla Couzens, “Captain Hook” / Rogue Brunbridge, “Sherlock Holmes” / Maralyn Cowin



8th Grade Actors


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