Elementary Science Fair

March 15th, nineteen elementary students in first through sixth grade presented their science fair projects.  Mr. Brocka, Mr. Martin, Mrs. Cooper, and Mrs. Campbell spent the afternoon judging and listening to presentations made by the scientists.  All students and their families were then invited to come back for project viewing and participating in stem activities.  Overall winners of the science fair were:  Remington Turner in first place, Preston Turner in second place and Sadie Gillis in third place.  Grade level winners were:  first grade-John Fletcher, second grade-Jasmine Brown, third grade-Jaritt Fry, fourth grade-Morgan Steuck, fifth grade-Lanie Phelps, and sixth grade-Ty Talbott.

IMG_8552IMG_8557IMG_8558IMG_8559IMG_8560IMG_8561IMG_8562IMG_8563IMG_8564IMG_8565IMG_8566IMG_8567IMG_8568IMG_8569IMG_8570 (1)IMG_8570IMG_8572IMG_8573IMG_8574IMG_8575IMG_8576


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