Rich Hill School Buses All Pass MODOT On-site Inspection!

Every day, the Rich Hill R-IV Transportation Department delivers students safely to and from school and to school activities. Today, the Missouri Department of Transportation has delivered the news that all buses in the Rich Hill School Fleet have passed inspection and are certified as safe to operate and safe for students.

This could not have happened without the hard work and due diligence of a few of Rich Hill R-IV’s finest employees. Our school route bus drivers–Threasa Coonce, Paula Coonce, Susan Kelly, and Brenda Diehl don’t just drive the buses. They inspect them daily in pre- and post-trip routines which ensure safety and maintenance needs are met. Our trip drivers–Rayanne Swarnes and Wendell Jones–also do those inspections. Our bus mechanic, Kenny Kassner, is excellent at his job and keeps the buses running (among his other maintenance duties).  Brian Gillis, our transportation director, has done will in that job in his first year.

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