RHHS Baccalaureate

The RHHS Class of 2018 gathered at the United Methodist Church this evening for Baccalaureate.  This final week of school will be a busy one for the class with their awards night on Thursday evening, May 10th at 7:00 pm followed by graduation on Friday,  May 11th at 7:00 pm.


Left – Right Dalton Keller, Allen Clark, Wyatt Hammett, Dalton Smarr and Blake Kiger


Cedric Clark, Bailey Miller, Nate Kithcart, Jamison Ogburn, Jozelynn West, Sabin Bolser, and Jerry Lakey


Jennifer Doty, Kylann Tourtillott, Kim Pilcher, Megan Heckadon, and Jamie Coppage


Allie Schmitt and Katie Malone


Vannetta Keller and Kinady Fischer


Hanna McKinley, Mary Meyers, Shonasea Cowhick and Chrystel Hillier


A gown made for two!


Front – Hanna McKinley, Mary Meyers, Shonasea Cowhick, Jamie Coppage, Allie Schmitt 2nd row:  Megan Heckadon, Vannetta Keller, Chrystel Hillier, Jozelynn West, Kim Pilcher, Dalton Keller, Wyatt Hammett, Nate Kithcart, Cody Bolser 3rd Row:  Cedric Clark, Delta Johnson, Kinady Fischer, Jennifer Doty, Kylann Tourtillott, Katie Malone, Jerry Lakey, Bailey Miller Blake Kiger 4th row:  Michael Scrivener, Alec Gray, Dalton Smarr, Jamison Ogburn, Sabin Bolser, Allen Clark and Colt Hoss


Class president Jennifer Doty welcomed the congregation and offered the invocation


Mary Meyers provided special music


Pastor Tommy Freeman gave a message to the class centered on the seven virtues that would serve them well as they enter this new chapter of their lives.

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