Community Service Day

The Rich Hill Tigers can always depend on their community to come out and cheer them on at athletics events, make a purchase to help raise funds for organization, and to just encourage them to do their best.  Today those Tigers took to the streets of town to show their appreciation for their great community.  Students picked up trash, planted flowers, spread sand, marked drains, cleaned tombstones at the cemetery, and several other jobs around the community.  IMG_8927IMG_8929IMG_8930IMG_8932IMG_8933IMG_8935IMG_8936IMG_8937IMG_8940IMG_8942IMG_8945IMG_8946IMG_8952IMG_8956IMG_8957IMG_8959IMG_8961IMG_8962IMG_8963IMG_8964IMG_8965IMG_8966IMG_8967IMG_8970IMG_8972IMG_8974IMG_8976IMG_8979IMG_8981IMG_8982IMG_8985IMG_8987IMG_8989IMG_8990IMG_8994IMG_8998IMG_9000IMG_9002IMG_9004IMG_9008IMG_9009IMG_9010IMG_9013IMG_9014IMG-1058IMG-1059IMG-1060IMG-1061IMG-1064IMG-1065IMG-1071IMG-1073IMG-1055IMG-1056

One Comment

  1. What a wonderful experience for them and what a GREAT thing for the Community! Well done to the students and teachers. It looked to be very well organized. Thank You to ALL involved!


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