Thank You!

Some familiar faces in the community took time out of their schedules to prepare breakfast for all the Rich Hill students participating in fall sports.  From the smiles on the faces it looks like it was much appreciated.

The varsity football team will take on Jasper at home tonight.  An extra treat will be the “Little Cheerleaders” adding their voices to the crowd.  “Go Tigers!”

Home Opener – Rich Hill vs. Lincoln

The Rich Hill Tigers took the field at home this past Friday evening in a matchup against Lincoln.  The final score of 8-41 was not what the Tigers were looking for but this group of boys will keep working hard and be ready for their matchup against Jasper this Friday evening.

The Tiger Marching Band entertained the crowd with their new halftime show featuring several songs from the Beatles.


Teamwork Challenge

What do most students enjoy doing?  Talking of course!  However as part of their team challenge today they had to ​find a way to communicate without using speech.

Students in Mrs. Wheatley’s 7th, 8th and 9th grade social studies were challenged to build a house of cards that they could enter as the “strongest”, “biggest” or “most creative”.   The challenge was a to find a way to communicate with one another without speech.  Results will be revealed tomorrow as the 7th graders were called from class before they could finish.IMG_8460IMG_8461IMG_8462IMG_8463