Rich Hill JH Census

Do most junior high students carry an Iphone, an Android, or another type of device?  Do they live in the country or in town?  Do they participate in sports?  These are just a few of the questions asked in a recent junior high census.

Mrs. Wheatley’s 7th graders recently spent a little bit of class time discussing the United States census and decided to conduct a census of their own.  The class of 25 divided into 5 groups and created their own census questions in Google Forms which were then answered by both the 7th and 8th grade classes.  The 7th graders reviewed the results and shared the demographics of the Rich Hill Junior High with posters in the hall.IMG_8686IMG_8687IMG_8688IMG_8689IMG_8690


Time for a New “Do”

As part of the fundraising activities going on for #JessicasJourney this week elementary students had opportunities to put their names in a drawing to give Mrs. Amanda Breckenridge a trim! When the drawing took place this morning, Paityn Derry-Jones was the lucky winner. Jessica’s sister Katie Green assisted Paityn with Mrs. Breckenridge’s new style.

Hablamos (un poco)Español

School has been in session for a few weeks and Spanish students are picking up a few new skills.  The students had a little fun with the green screen this week.  The assignment was to greet the viewing public, introduce themselves, give their age, talk about something they like and something they liked to do, and something they do not like and then sign off with an appropriate expression. ¡Bien Hecho!

Spirit Week for #JessicasJourney

Next week the RHHS Student Council will be hosting Spirit Week for leukemia.  Both the elementary and the high school will be participating.

Monday PJ’s
Tuesday Throwback
Wednesday Camo
Thursday Twin
Friday Spirit/Favorite Team
On the high school side they are taping faculty to the wall. With each dollar raised the winner for 7-9 and 10-12 will be taped to the wall.
The 7-9 grade will compete to see if……
7th Grade representative Mrs. Black
8th Grade representative Mr. Oates
9th Grade representative Mrs. Bell
10th grade representative Mrs. Curtright
11th grade representative Mr. Morgan
12th grade representative Mr. Gills
Who will be taped??????
Class sponsors  will collect the money for each representative.  Help tape someone to the wall all proceeds go to #jessicasjourney.

Arrowhead Hunt

Mrs. Wheatley’s 8th and 9th grade history classes began the school year with a unit on Paleo-Indians and had the opportunity to take a brief field trip this afternoon. Nolan Preston and Nathan Kassner met the students at a creek east of Rich Hill. Nolan gave the students a short presentation and showed off his collection of Missouri arrowheads and then the group set out down the creek. Garren Steuck found a piece of flint that would of been used to make an arrowhead but there were no other finds today unless you count the mud the group brought back with them!

Watch out for the deep spot!

A few students forgot to bring proper footwear!


Thank you to Nolan and Nathan (Mrs. Wheatley’s sons-in-law) for preparing a path and leading the group.