Ancient Odysseys – Nelson Atkins Museum

Seventh graders and Mrs. Stevener’s World Foods class boarded a bus this past Friday morning for a field trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City.


The 7th graders have been studying Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt in Mrs. Wheatley and Mr. Abend’s class and were excited to see some of the artifacts from this time period in person.

The group arrived in time to take a walk around the grounds including this glass maze which proved to be dangerous for those moving too quickly.  A couple 7th graders walked away with battle scars after a collision with the wall.




After stretching their legs the groups met with docents who shared information and activities with the group in the Nelson’s exhibit of artifacts from the ancient world.  Once docent told Mrs. Wheatley after the tour how impressed she was with the students.

Of course you can’t have a field trip without food.  The group stopped at Freddie’s in Belton for lunch before returning back to school

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