JH / HS End of Year Awards

Presented by Mr. Gillis for Perfect Attendance!:

Bryce Yohe, Cedric Clark, Krissy Miller

Presented by Mr. Abend and Mrs. Wheatley to cast members of What Ever Happened after Happily Ever After? –

Best Supporting Actress:  Katie Tourtillott

Best Actress:  Maralyn Cowin

Best Actor:  Aiden Baker
Presented by Mrs. Wills to high school English students

English IV – Alyssa Jewell/Dalen Lewis

English II – Mackenzie Wheatley / Kassi Austin
                Jacob Querry / Taylor Coonce
Classic  Literature – Jamison Ogburn /Alli Schmitt / Chrystel Hillier
Dual Credit English  –
Kearston Baze/Taylor Brooks/Jason Courter/Serena Duncan/
Ryan Brown/Daniel Brown/Aaiden Humble/Brendan Ephland/
Charles Foster
American Literature  – Katie Malone/Nate Kithcart
Presented by Mrs. Howerton to English students and cheer squad:
Classes Maintaining 98% or Better All Year:

English I:  Miranda Petty and Montana Stangel

8th English:  Miranda Dougherty
7th English:  Katie Tourtillott and Sydney Bell
Bar and Pin:  Serena Duncan and Hannah Arnold
Letter and Pin:  Kassi Austin, Hannah McCoy, and Shonasea Cowhick
First Year Star and Pin:  Miranda Petty, Sarah Coots, Brittany Mitchell, Destiny Long, and Vanetta Keller
First Year Star and Pin and Macot Pin:  Levi Skocy
Captain Pins:  Serena Duncan, Hannah Arnold, and Miranda Petty
Presented by Mr. Brown to HS math students:

Kassi Austin, Jacob Querry for Geometry

Chrystel Hillier, Jamison Ogburn for Algebra II
Presented by Mrs. Curtwright to JH and HS choir and music classes:


1st Year Chamber Choir:
Sage Bolser
Taylor Coonce
Sarah Coots
Dezi Fuqua
Kellie Hagge
Krissy Miller
Levi Skocy
Montana Stangel
*They lettered in Chamber Choir
Outstanding Musician – JH:
Lexi Fuqua
Outstanding Musician – HS
Kassi Austin
Presented by Coach Wolfe to JH and HS history students:


Katelynn Tourtillott

Alexandrea Ephland

Madison Klinksick

Bryce Yohe (Won last year)
9th American History

Miranda Petty

Montana Stangel

Presented by Mr. Martin to HS science:

Biology:  Kassi Austin / Jacob Querry / Taylor Coonce / Josie Counterman

Natural Science:  Cody Bolser / Katie Malone

Mrs. Bruce presented the following awards in business:

Personal Finance:  Jamison Ogburn and Chrystal Hillier

Intro to Business:  Montana Stangel

8th Grade Typing

40 words per minute:  Brandon Connor, Parker Collins, Clifton Bridgewater, Aiden Baker, and Christina Corriston

50 words per minute:  Taylor Smith

60 words per minute:  Maddy Klinksick

70 words per minute:  Jayden McFalls

Family and Consumer Science awards presented by Mrs. Stevener:

FACS 1 – Ciarra Backes

Family Living – Deacon Taylor
Foods / World Foods – Cedric Clark
Child Development – Hannah Arnold
7 FACS – Angelina Counterman, Nevaeh Hohenfeldt
Nutrition / Housing – Mackenzie Wheatley
JH – 9th grade math presented by Mrs. Breckenridge
7th Grade Nevaeh Hohenfeldt. and Katie Tourtillott
8th Grade Miranda Doughtery. and Aiden Baker
Algebra I Miranda Petty
Montana Stangel
Savannah Knight
Jake Knight
Science awards presented by Mrs. Thompson:
First Hour  Earth Science Jr Hi   Lexi Fuqua
Second Hour  Life Science  Jr Hi  Miranda Doughtery
Third Hour  Earth Science  Jr Hi   Katie Tourtillott
Fourth Hour  Life Science  Jr Hi  Aiden Baker
Seventh Hour High School  Earth Science   Taylor Coonce
Instrumental Music presented by Mrs. Haines:


All HS students lettered in band

Outstanding Musician – Mackenzie Wheatley

Most Improved in Band – Dakota Ferguson
2 Rating at District Solos and Ensembles: Mackenzie Wheatley, Dakota Ferguson, Hanna Mckinley, Mary Meyers
2017-2018 Drum Major – Mary Meyers
Music Appreciation Award: Mary Meyers, Hanna Mckinley, Sarah Coots
Outstanding Musician in Band: Destiney Burris
Most Improved in Band: Hannah White
JH Honor Band: Destiney Burris, Ruth Cowin, Miranda Dougherty, Rand Rebmann, Sydney Bell, and Carlie Wethington
Fort Scott Community College Solos and Ensembles:
Destiney Burris Flute Solo: 1
Katie Meyers Trumpet Solo: 1
Flute Duet: Alexandrea Ephland, Carlie Wethington – 1
Flute Trio: Destiney Burris, Alexandrea Ephland, and Carlie Wethington – 2
Salym Bolser Baritone Solo: 2
HS history awards presented by Mr. Morgan:

Top Government 2nd  Semester Award Alec Gray

Top Government for both Semesters  Kylann Tourtillott
Top Two World History Awards Garrett Brooks and Dakota Ferguson
HS Science awards presented by Mrs. Campbell:

Adv Bio-Ryan Brown

2 Physical Science classes-Dakota Ferguson & Montana Stangel
Chemistry-Hanna McKinley
Ecology-Blake Kiger
Biology-Chrystal Hillier
Physical Education awards presented by Mrs. Smith:

7th grade PE and Health – Christina Corriston, Clifton Bridgewater

8th grade PE and Health – Alexandrea Ephland, Damion Wolf
High School PE – Garrett Brooks
Presented by Mrs. Wheatley in foreign languages:
French I – Kassi Austin and Kylann Tourtillott
French II – Cedric Clark
Spanish I – Montana Stangel and Sarah Coots

Senior Awards

The class of 2017 gathered in the dome last night for the announcement of awards and scholarships.  All students were recognized and many walked away for several thousands of dollars towards their college education.

The valedictorian medal was presented to Serena Duncan and Taylor Brooks received the Salutatorian medal.

Representative Patricia Pike recognized all graduates for their hard work with a certificate.

Mrs. Dawn Breckenridge presented the A+ Scholarship to 17 seniors.

Myles Becker, Jordan Bolser, Houston Bridgewater, Taylor Brooks, Daniel Brown, Ryan Brown, Jason Courter, Serena Duncan, and Brendan Ephland

Daniel Brown, Ryan Brown, Jason Courter, Brendan Ephland, Charles Foster, Tyler Hood, Aadin Humble, Dalen Lewis, Jamie Main, Kalen Thorp

Institutional scholarships were presented to Aadin Humble from Truman State University and William Jewell College.  Ryan Brown received the Red and Black scholarship from the University of Central Missouri.  Fort Scott Community College presented Kearston Baze with the Academic Excellence Award.  Jason Courter received a scholarship from the Missouri Science & Technology University.  Serena Duncan and Brendan Ephland both received scholarships from Missouri Southern State University.

Rich Hill students are lucky to have many generous scholarships available to them that are provided by local organizations, memorials, and individuals.  These scholarships were awarded as follows.

M.A.R.E. Scholarship – Serena Duncan

CTA Scholarship – Taylor Brooks

Margie Duffield Memorial Scholarship – Serena Duncan

Maelynn & August Gibson Scholarship – Tyler Hood

Horatio Alger Award – Serena Duncan

John H. & Gretchelle E Otis Memorial – Aadin Humble

Ralph L. Gracie Leaming Memorial – Aadin Humble

DAR Wagy Scholarship – Brendan Ephland

FFA Booster Scholarship – Taylor Brooks, Kearston Baze, & Brendon Ephland

Eastland Scholarship (in Memory of Jerry Mumma Senior) – Taylor Brooks

Miss Ada M Griffin Memorial Scholarship – Mackenzie Becker

FBLA Scholarship – Tyler Hood and Serena Duncan

David DeMoss Scholarship – Tyler Hood

The Coalminers’ Daughters Scholarship – Mackenzie Becker and Houston Bridgewater

Don Droz Memorial Scholarship – Kearston Baze and Brendon Ephland

Harold & Joyce Kenney Memorial Scholarship – Brendon Ephland and Taylor Brooks

MFA Scholarship – Taylor Brooks

Kenneth Kern Memorial Scholarship – Kearston Baze

Security Bank Scholarship – Mackenzie Becker

Professional Nursing Scholarship – Houston Bridgewater and Kearston Baze

Sam and Rosalee Anderson Scholarship – Serena Duncan and Brendon Ephland

Ellis Foundation Scholarship – Serena Duncan, Taylor Brooks, Daniel Brown, Ryan Brown, and Jason Courter.

Congratulations to the 2017 graduates!

Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading

Program Available!!!

The school library will be open 8:30 to 10:30 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the following dates in June:

6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, and 29.  

It is our goal to keep reading skills up over the summer.  Students in grades 1 through 6th may come in anytime on those days to read, take AR tests or to receive help with reading.

AR points earned during the summer WILL count towards the upcoming school year!

If you have any questions,

please contact Doug Abend or

Kelly Gayman at 395-2227.


Academic All State

Nine Rich Hill High School Track & Field student athletes met the requirements to earn Academic All-State honors for the 2017 season. To receive this distinction, the individual must have a minimum ACT score of 25, a minimum SAT score of 1150, or a 3.6 cumulative GPA (non-rounded, non-weighted) at the end of the spring semester. Congratulations to the recipients of this award!

Extemporé Success

Students participating in the talented and gifted program took off early on Saturday, May 6th to compete in the state Extemporé competition at Brittany Hills Middle School in Blue Springs.   Extemporé is an academic competition that combines risk-taking, creativity, communication, problem solving and teamwork to solve extemporaneous challenges in a competitive setting.  One hundred twenty-three teams from around the state participated in the competition. This year’s theme was Say Watt?  which focused on the study of electricity.

Mrs. Jennifer Wheatley took 6 teams ranging from 3rd grade up to 8th grade.  At the end of the day two of the teams and one individual accepted 1st place medals in the competition.

The junior high team received 1st place in the division II section of Engineering Feats.

Team members included Bryce Yohe, Miranda Dougherty, Tisha Mackey, Katie Tourtillott, Sydney Bell, and Hannah White 


The 4th grade team received first place in the division I section of perspective.  Dillon Coonce from this group also received 1st place in Thinker’s Hall Mancala.  

Dillon Coonce, Lanie Phelps, Maysi Miller, Morissa Green, and Izzy Swope

Two teams from 3rd grade also competed in division I Perspective.

Morgan Steuck , Kaylee Couzens, Mady Ephland, Chloe Willet, and Cooper Gillis

Nevaeh Jarred, Julianna Abend, Oscar Green, and Joshua Covey


The 5th grade team competed in division I Engineering Feats.

Danny Bledsoe, Rogue Brunbridge, Kyla Couzens, and Trinity Burris


The 6th graders moved up to division II this year and competed in the Fine Tuning Challenge.

Kierlyn Rebmann, Josie Dougherty, and Noelle Abend

Mrs. Wheatley would like to thank the parents, grandparents, aunts and friends who volunteered to assist with making this day possible.  Each team is asked to provide a volunteer to assist with the competition and Mrs. Wheatley also needed volunteers to help with the teams.  Rich Hill could not participate without this help.