New Teachers

The Rich Hill R4 School District started on Thursday August 15. The students returning to their classes were greeted by a few new teachers. These teachers include Mr. Heckadon, Mr. Stump, Ms. Smith, and Mrs. Kaufman.

Mr. Heath Heckadon is the new History teacher. Mr. Heckadon has a wife named Stacy Heckadon and has three children. He graduated from Rich Hill in 1996, and went on to graduate from Pittsburg State. After he graduated he taught at Chilhowee from 02 to 04 and was the head basketball coach. He then taught at Windsor from 04 to 07, he was Defensive Coordinator and head basketball coach. He proceeded to teach at Grain Valley and was assistant basketball coach from 07 to 09. Finally before coming to Rich Hill he taught, was Defensive Coordinator, and was the boys basketball coach at Crestridge. Mr. Heckadon is happy to be the head coach of the football team he played on when he was in school.

Mr. Phil Stump is the new Science teacher. He was in the Army for 6 years and fought for our country in Desert Storm. Mr. Stump has a wife named Jennifer Stump and also has three children. He taught math in Texas from 2001 to 2004. Being from Texas Mr. Stump is a huge football fan. When he left Texas to teach math in Butler, from 2004 to 2013, he became the announcer for the Butler Bears football team. He is glad to be a part of the school and will be cheering for our football team.

Miss Smith is the new Kindergarten teacher. She is from Smithton, a small town in Illinois. She is a recent graduate from McKendree University in Illinois. Miss Smith lives in Butler Missouri. This is her first year teaching. She is a talented and enthusiastic young teacher full of great ideas. She looks forward to coming to as many sporting events as possible to cheer for the tigers.

Mrs. Kaufman is the new Special Education teacher. She is from Texas and graduated from the University of Houston. She taught at North Shore High School in Houston Texas from 05 to 09. She married for the first time to John Kaufman and moved to Missouri. Butler Elementary was looking for a new teacher and she fit the position and taught there from 09-10. She was a Para Educator, teachers assistant, at Rich Hill from 10 to 13. She loves her cows and takes good care of them. She has been at Rich Hill for some time and is really excited for this year.