Hour of Code – Rich Hill Elementary Participating

Computers are everywhere, but fewer schools teach computer science than 10 years ago. Girls and minorities are severely underrepresented. Good news is, we’re on our way to change this.

In one week last year, 15 million students tried computer science! Computer science was on the homepages of Google, MSN, Yahoo! and Disney.  President Obama, Shakira and Ashton Kutcher all kicked off the Hour of Code with videos. Over 100 partners came together to support this movement.

Now the Hour of Code movement is aiming for 100 million students.

That’s why every one of the 105 students in Mr. Abend’s Keyboarding and Computer Apps class are joining in on the largest learning event in history: The Hour of Code, during Dec. 8-12.

The Hour of Code, organized by the nonprofit Code.org and over 100 others, is a statement that today’s generation of students are ready to learn critical skills for 21st century success. Please join us in support.  Read more about the movement by following the link below.


Contact: Doug Abend, Librarian & Technology Director, (417) 395-2227

When: Dec. 8-12

Where: Rich Hill Elementary Computer Lab